Shane Meade honest and simple

Shane Meade honest and simple
Shane Meade
Shane Meade honest and simple approach to music has created a unique and powerful combination of blues, folk, adult contemporary, and a little of jazz. He can be compared to great musicians such as George Kilby Jr, Ben Harper, and Tao Seeger. If those comparisons aren’t enough to spark an interest then take a listen to the soulful new latest album “Candlelight and Conspiracies” (2009). The album successfully engages fan on a personal level that has long been lost in music. The fans should experience a connection to the artist through their work and this smooth inspirational album does just that.

The album is perfect for a rainy day by the fire or with a book where all life troubles are far from your worries. Escape into this enticing and inviting album as Meade provides smooth vocals that will warm the heart and melt into every part of your body. The albums inspirational lyrics are evident in the albums opening track “Secret Society” leaving you to make a connection not only with yourself, but the world. While songs like “Spring Break Over Lunch” will bring you back to a more optimistic feeling.

If Meade goal was to make an album where each song described a journey in your life. He accomplished it. The album is full of intrinsic value and can serve as an instinctual soundtrack to wherever your spontaneous life may lead you. Think of it as a personal diary. Although, a late-bloomer having started teaching himself how to play the guitar in 2000. Shane has already been influential and continues to create music that is captivating and visual. Fans from all different background will be memorized by the imagination his music provides and connect to his universal subject matters.

Written by Latanya Donaldson