Sister Speak releases The Stand

Sister Speak releases The Stand


The magic of a record like The Stand, the new EP by pop juggernaut Sister Speak, isn’t necessarily that it is amazingly catchy – although it definitely is – but perhaps that it unabashedly digs so deep emotionally; unrelentingly touching on sounds, themes and song stylizations that no other group in their scene dares to experiment with. There is a lot of willingness to explore previously uncharted sonic territories within the realm of pop music itself right now, but few exhibit the total lack of hesitance or self-righteousness than Sister Speak and their charming mastermind Sherri Anne do. The Stand is an excellent introduction to their sound for any new fans of the band.

The Stand is the type of recording that creates a considerably large ripple effect across all of pop. Indie pop often leans on influences from a diverse range of genres, but Sister Speak literally channels all of the most delightfully groove-laden parts of electronica and alternative rock and boil them down to a digestible easy-listening product that anyone can come to appreciate. Their appeal is unmatched, their skill set impressive.

The Stand is compelling and catapulted towards us at full power; even when it slows down for some of the more elegiac balladry. Songs like the churning “Fighter” and the immaculate yet, substantially minimalist title track could stand on their own as extremely successful singles, but they also play well together in this tightly stitched setting. For a band that has lived in relative obscurity up until this point in their career, you would think that they’d been dominating the charts for some time just based on their swaggering command of every intricately arranged note in their music.

The future holds endless possibilities for Sister Speak and Sherri Anne.The Stand provides us with a watershed moment in indie pop ; The old guard is fading into the shadows, and the leaders of tomorrow are taking their place as I write this. Sister Speak are certainlyfront runners in this race, and as long as they continue to produce records like this one, they’re going to remain in the lead until they reach the finish line.

Zachary Rush