Soothing Tunes Delivering Insights to Soul: Woke Musical Genius Meditative Animal’s New Album “Social Gravity” Out Now

Meditative Animals leaves listeners in trance as his new album combines meaningful lyrics, with moody tunes and great vibes, bound to relax minds with a timeless new soundtrack.

Springvale, Maine – October 8th, 2021 – Fresh off the release of his new album “Social Gravity” on October 8th, 2021, dynamic artist Meditative Animal is on a terrific streak. Showcasing his musical capabilities to the world, “Social Gravity” presents listeners with an album that constantly keeps evolving it’s sound throughout its runtime, mixing in the seasoned artist’s influences and constantly making the listener aware of them in order to make for the next biggest sound on the market.

The indie alternative folk tunes present here are the bread and butter of Meditative Animal, as he lures in listeners with sounds that simultaneously puts them in a trance and relaxes them. The mellow tunes present, however, are not the only display of the musical capabilities of the album as the lyrics are wise and complex allowing for Meditative Animal to speak to his viewers directly. All of this can be seen demonstrated in the refreshing and soul-stirring tracks, “Social Gravity”, “Electric Halo”, and “Woke at Midnight”.

Melding a diverse mix of sounds together to create a rhythm that is truly his own, “Social Gravity” uses a number of sources from which it seeks to get inspired. From the slow jazz of the previous century to the blues of the modern era, the moody sounds of the reverb era are seamlessly incorporated by Meditative Animal. Interspersed within his rich compositions, the genres of Funk and reggae also make an appearance as Meditative Animal is not bound by only the music closest to him in mood, he is also inspired by genres such as hip hop.

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Meditative Animal is singer-songwriter Nick Mirisola’s music project. An artist with a clearly defined sound, Meditative Animal is Nick’s attempt to further polish his indie alternative sounds, and to get it out into the world. While allowing himself to experiment with other unique sounds and genres, the artist aims to craft a memorable imprint in the world of music. A lay Zen monk and shaman, ordained Dudeist priest, and self-dubbed Duddha; Nick uses his music to get across insightful lyrics and words of wisdom that allow for listeners to truly remember him. 

Name: Meditative Animal
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