Soulful and Riveting: Timothy Paul Releases a New Single for Forlorn Individuals in the Post-Pandemic World

“Where Do We Go from Here” is an inspiring song that is a mix of R&B Soul and Contemporary Music

Springfield, MA — March 24th, 2022- Timothy Paul’s newest single “Where Do We Go From Here” is a post-pandemic love song that deal with the emotional strain of the pandemic on intimate relationships. The alluring tunes are novel in recognizing the social and psychological effects of this pandemic on the lives of the common man, extending beyond the usual focus on health-based concerns and loss of loved ones.

The rising star believes that during the height of COVID, many couple’s relationships were affected both by the rapid change in the workings of the world as well as by the social distancing and isolation constraints imposed by government mandated SOPs.

The singer believes that relationships were drastically affected by the fact that individuals had to shelter together in one place rapidly. More so, couples with children had the added stress of remote working and raising their children amongst the general anxiety around job security, health concerns, and testing requirements.

“Where Do We Go From Here” is a unique song that is a cross between R&B Soul and Adult Contemporary genre embodying these two genres in innovative ways. Additionally, the lyrical genius of the song further add to the depth of the experience of the listeners. Paul’s keen eye towards the use of contemporary and relatable issues in song is perhaps what sets him as distinct and inspiring in a complex mix of new music that continues to be produced.

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Music has been a central part of the aspiring star’s life in a way in which there is a connection between the world as he sees it around himself and the use of music to capture those feelings and experiences. After making music for over 20 years, Timothy Paul brought the experienced producer, Jarreau Pitts, to bring this specific project to life

Paul is exceptionally proficient in his long-started private musical career that is now taking the forefront in an official way. It is for this reason that the music that he produces embodies a feeling of acute wisdom and insight into the world. The exclusive focus on the social impact of the pandemic on relationships that are most close to us is an important issue and one that does not get much attention. It is through the creative imaginings of the musician that such as issue has come so resolutely to the forefront.

Another important creative contributor in this project was two time Grammy winner Bob St. John who helped do the mastering for the song. The use of two esteemed names in the music industry as important collaborators for the project further display Paul’s depth of commitment to his song.


Timothy Paul
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