Vince Van Is Coming Up with A New Album for Country Music Lovers and Followers

Vince intends on bringing country music with a punch that will take his listeners to the deep roots of country music and its origins. He wants to bring back a revolutionized version of country music for his listeners.

Seminole, OK – The upcoming album is so special to Vince. He wanted to write an album with zero fluff and with all of his heart which reflected reality. he could not be prouder of his new album in every way.

Vince is thankful to all his friends, family and his listeners who have supported him throughout his music journey and have contribute towards making him a better musician. He also liked to pay tribute to his life and how it made him a mature person. His struggles in life are an inspiration for Vince to write and make more music. Jim Yount told Vince after he listened to the new album and remarked that the new album was awesome.

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Vince is a US Navy Veteran. He grew up listening to his mom and dad’s 8 track tapes in the back of a 1976 Mercury. George Jones, Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash, Loretta Lynn, Red Stegall were amongst the regular artists heard.

When he started writing his own music, he was around 25 years old. Writing songs about his life experiences. It has always been a dream of his to perform.

He is married to a wonderful woman that believes in him and helps him at every life’s turn. They raised 2 daughters, both college graduates. His wife and kids are his biggest inspirations, and it shows in his music.



Name: Vince Van
Email: [email protected]