Captivating Country Rhythms Fused with Enriching Alternative Beats: Rising Singer-Songwriter James Emerich Unveils New Single

With the release of his refreshing new single, James Emerich is psyched and ready to soar to new heights, establishing his position as the new face of Alternative and Country music.

Windsor, Connecticut –July 15th, 2021- A new force in the genre of country music, James Emerich is all set to take the music industry by storm. With a breakthrough single titled “My Country,” the growing artist is solidifying his position as a stunning icon in the genres of Alternative and Country music.

Inspired by a trip to Boston, “My Country” is a tribute to America; its beauty, humble beginnings and the good fortune of those that are blessed enough to live here. This inspiring single was brought about by James Emerich’s awe at the home of Paul Revere and other historic sites in Boston, where his unwavering appreciation for his country sparked his creativity.

“So let us be one country, America,” says Emerich to his fellow Americans, “Bring back the love and don’t hesitate because someday it will be too late.”

In his new single, “My Country”, James Emerich fans can look forward to the artist’s soulful vocals combined with the authenticity that comes with a hard-hitting, raw, and unfiltered musical composition. This single is truly a product of Emerich’s passionate dedication towards his music; the instrumentations, orchestrations, lyrics and video editing all being performed by the eclectic artist himself.

Following his debut album, ‘Rainbow Sky’, released in 2020, listeners can also look forward to Emerich’s second album entitled ‘En Mi Barrio’, which is a collection of original songs based on growing up in his neighborhood in Los Angeles and contains several original Spanish and English songs, such as the title song of the album “En Mi Barrio.”

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Hailing from Los Angeles, California, James Emerich is a singer/songwriter and an international recording artist that creates songs and music videos to bring his stories to life. After receiving his Bachelor of Arts Degree in acting and directing from California State University of Los Angeles in 1983, he entertained in Los Angeles for 20 years by acting in plays, movies and television. After leaving Los Angeles in 2004 to seek out new opportunities, Emerich lived in Ormond Beach, Florida and performed throughout the area. He now resides in Windsor, Connecticut where he continues to record new material after over thirty years of entertaining. After a ten-year absence from the stage, James Emerich has started to perform once again and is back and ready for his second act in life.



Name: James Emerich
Email: [email protected]
Phone Number: (386)-366-3119