Weaving Connections through Dynamic and Memorable Pop Music: Upcoming Star Ash G Unveils Stirring New Single

Debuting her new single “What I Think of You”, 18 year old singer and song writer Ash G continues to surprise listeners with her innate talent and effortless ability to be relatable.

Columbus, Ohio – July 21st, 2021 – Channeling her music from a place that is both honest, and true to herself, Ash G provides a voice to the experiences that we all go through in our process of growing up. Knowing how the lives of teens get such little real representation, Ash G aims to tell a story about her life that spares no expense in its capability to speak to her listeners- a narrative imbued seamlessly within the new rhythmic composition “What I Think of You”.

With production that is sure to make you sway to its rhythm, the single “What I Think of You” is backed up by the powerful vocals of Ash G making any listeners feel the depth of her lyrics. All of this occurs while the single makes you groove along to the Pop feel of the song, making it instantly relatable to anyone who hears it.

The new single follows up on the artist’s other 8 musical releases, which are currently streaming on iTunes, Spotify, and Apple Music, including her hip singles, “Come Find Me”, and “Don’t Be A User”. Featuring the artistic talents and abilities of artist Trez Gregory, who has previously played the role of backup vocalist for budding Country band, Brooks n Dunn, the new single, “What I Think of You”, forms a memorable and enriching mix of vocals and song writing.

“Music means the world to me and I have so many artists who inspire me and give me the hope of doing the same for others! My dreams, goals, and aspirations are to keep writing more songs and move to Nashville with a band I perform with!” says Ash G regarding her musical compositions.

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Hailing from Columbus in Ohio, Ash G is an 18 year old singer, song writer, and independent artist, who has always had a burning passion for music from an early age, penning her own singles at the age of 7. Having released a number of singles, “What I Think of You” is her latest effort to showcase both her life and her musical capabilities.

Already having experience at making music at an early age, as well as being in a band, Ash G is intimately aware of the nuances of musical creation. Embarking on a journey of musical creation, Ash G hopes to cement a new style in pop, one that is honest and true to her admittedly, and the experiences that come along with it.



Name: Ash G

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